Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The People Have Spoken...What Are They Saying?


Well...the people have spoken. We have a new president. "What exactly are the people saying" is the question that has been on my mind? This is not intended to be anything personal against any candidate or party, but just some general observations about human nature and "the system"...of the world in general and politics in particular.

I do believe that this election, like most elections of yesteryear, is about reaction. I get the strong feeling that this election was really about ABBOALH -- anybody but Bush (like he has any opportunity left) or anybody like him (in their opinion or estimation)...and especially so when we take a good look at the final tally. It matters not so much what the stakes are morally, or perhaps in other significant ways -- the people wanted change and this is what they have received. Like most elections, we have candidates that are either more or less somewhat known to the people. I do not think that candidates that are elected are really, truly known for what they believe. We really don't know what they are going to say or do...we may have ideas or opinions about it...we may speak reasonably or fearfully about it -- but we don't really know. Most of the time, it is that the candidate is "charismatic" and "looks presidential" (in other words, we like him, even if we don't really know him)...and most of the time they "tell us what we want to hear" in order to get elected. The most intelligent are the ones who are able to package it in such a way that is most believable. (Is that a bit cynical? Naw :-). It all could end up being better or worser than what we believed was going to be the case. I am not trying to say that "people in general are dumb" as it pertains to politics, just that they are militantly pragmatic -- if it works for me today, great...if it doesn't work tomorrow, then change it. Now this does and could all end up being "Dumb" or "Smart," but we always need to remember Who is in control. This is important.

One thing is certain, I believe that most Christians are concerned about the course of our country. It seems that at least for "a season," the overall votes have been more for "secularism" or "humanism" than anything else...once again, this is an observation or an opinion, and it could be wrong. I am wondering, as my friend "onedaysoon" says, that if this all could be "a statement from the Lord." It is possible. What "the statement" is or could be will certainly be revealed as days, weeks, months and years go by. (Remember the wisdom of the woodcutter :-).

Nevertheless, we all need to be reminded, that even though we Christians live here and are citizens of the United States of America -- and I continue to say God bless the USA :-) -- we are truly citizens of another place...working, serving, blessing until we really get home.