Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Finale


The World Cup final is set for Sunday with The Netherlands taking on Spain. The Netherlands rode a thirty yard blast for a goal in the first half to beat Uruguay, 3-2 in one semifinal, while Spain's defense shut down a hot Germany team that had been scoring goals at will against teams in the round of 16. So, it appears that Europe will get another World Cup...ha! This is interesting, since the Europeam teams looked weak early on with many of them having losses to lesser talented teams. Yet, the good teams always rise to the top when it counts and so, there were three European teams in the semis. What is amazing is that Uruguay was the lone South American representative in the semis. Powerhouse favorites, Argentina and Brazil got beat in the round of sixteen, as did Paraguay. There were a lot of soccer analysts that were all but giving the World Cup to South America. much for the experts. :-) As for me, I am rooting for the is hoping, as Emily would say, that Dutchland pulls it off Sunday.


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