Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Good Things


One of the most recognizable streaks in sports came to an end Monday night...Brett Favre's amazing 297 consecutive games played streak. Even he marveled that the streak went on this long, during a recent interviewed. Most people compare it to baseball immortal Cal Ripken's streak of 2632 consecutive games played...which is an interesting comparison. I am not certain that they can be compared, but all I know is...I don't know how an NFL starting quarterback can take a beating every week and play every game for 19 years(?). I have always been a fan of Favre, the football player, although his personal agendas and issues in recent years have certainly diminished his legend to a degree. I do believe that when it is all said and done...a quarter of a century down the road...that he will be the most celebrated quarterback in NFL history. I have friends who argue his status as an all-time great, but Favre has to be in the top ten, if not in the top five of all-time greats. He owns just about every major positive statistic for NFL QBs...his being the all-time leader in interceptions, notwithstanding...

The Colts (see last week's message) were able to get back on track against Tennessee 30-28, although it wasn't easy. They are still battling injuries, and a shaky running game, but Peyton Manning did not make any significant that is a good sign. Speaking of Manning, it is remarkable to me that his younger brother, Eli, has throws 19 interceptions this year, and yet the Giants are 9--4. Let's hear it for the defense, eh? Well...Smith, Alex, replaced Smith, Troy at the helm of the 49ers this past Sunday, and you would think it was the second coming of Joe Montana. Smith threw for 255 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Too bad he was so inconsistent early in the year, as it may be too late to get the 49ers, who are 5-8 to the playoffs. Yet, anything could happen, as the 49ers are only one game out of first in the NFC Weak behind the Seahawks and Rams who are 6-7. The Chargers throttled the Chiefs 31-0, who were without starting QB, Matt Cassel who had an emergency appendectomy. Backup Brodie Croyle is going to have to prep better if they are going to stay ahead of the surging Chargers. Aaron Rodgers went down again with a concussion, and so did the Packers, 7-3, to the Lions. Once again, I am not sure what big bucks the backup QBs are being payed not to do their job when called upon,'s not a good thing. It may be a statement concerning just how overall weak the QB position is in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Patriots, Falcons, Saints, Steelers, Ravens, Jaguars and Eagles just keep racking up wins. Right now, it seems like the Patriots are #1...and then all of the rest. But, I am sure that it will get interesting before it is all over...this is one of the reasons why I love the NFL.


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