Thursday, April 14, 2011

Responding to Struggles


We think of joy as being something that takes place in pleasant times...that joy accompanies good times, not difficult times. We have a narrow view of joy. Paul introduces us to a joy in his life that is deeper than anything we have conceived with our minds. It is a joy that is independent of circumstances. Yes, it is present in the delightful and good times, but it is also present in the difficult and painful times.

Dr. Paul Tournier says -- Good and evil, in the moral sense, do not reside in things, but always in persons. Things and events, whether fortunate or unfortunate, are simply what they are, morally neutral. What matters is the way we react to them. Only rarely are we the masters of events, but (along with those who help us) we are responsible for our reactions. . Events give us pain or joy, but our growth is determined by our personal response to both [YANCEY, Searching for the Invisible p. 281]

People may disappoint us, but God never will. He proved it at Calvary and if you give Him a chance, He will prove it in your life. And if we remember this, and trust God, we will have joy…even in the difficult times. And we will find joy as we learn from circumstance and mistakes…all for God's glory.


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