Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Important Message


Following is a response to a buddy of mine from my youth concerning the validity and value of the Bible in particular, and thus Christianity in general...I am sharing it here in case it may be a blessing to another.

The Bible is a simple message about the Son of God who came in the flesh, sent by His Father (God), to redeem His people. Some of the adjoining detailed principles and concepts can be challenging -- atonement, baptism, resurrection, Spirit/water/blood, etc...all run deep. What is critical is that...if we believe in the Bible and its transmission, we know that it comes from the hand of the Holy Spirit. He used 40 men over a couple of millennia to record the messages of God. While many men had a hand in the is necessary to understand that the hand of the Spirit was over them all as they worked. (This is the simplistic view...there is much more to tell...perhaps another time). It's composition is the result of many manuscripts preserved and consistent by nature...the Dead Sea scrolls prove the amazing consistency of the message over at least a thousand years of time, and it actually is consistent (in its writing composition) over the course of thousands of years. The messages found in the Word of God may appear to be contradictory at times, but most are found to complimentary with each other. There are some questions that arise, for certain, but can be discerned with reasonable consistency. All matters pertaining to life and godliness must been considered through the eyes of faith...this is critical. If we do not live with trust in the message as coming from God, then all bets are off.


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