Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Becoming Like Our King


Nathaniel Hawthorne tells the famous story that provides a great example concerning what it is to be Christ-like. A certain people had been so well-governed that when their king died, they determined never to have another until they could find a man that looked and acted just like the dead monarch. To keep his picture before the people, they had a great profile of the king carved on a cliff. For years, a commission of men hunted through the realm for a man that would qualify…but without success. Yet, one day they stopped at a humble cottage at the base of the great stone face to rest and secure food. To their great joy, they found a young man whose face was just the same as that of the monarch on the cliff. Day in and day out, as this simple boy had plowed his little fields and cut his wood, he had gazed up at the wonderful profile that spoke of courage, purity and determination. And day by day, shaped by the thoughts he allowed to dwell in his mind, he became just like the deceased king. We become more like our King Jesus…in our thoughts and actions…by looking to Him day by day.

Blessings, Don

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