Monday, July 4, 2011

A Terrific Two Weeks, Pt. 1


Week One -- was my first time at Lake Cisco Christian Camp, the Cisco Senior Session (after two years at Junior sessions). First, I was thankful to be at camp with my daughter, Emily, and my son, Ian...this was important and special to me. They enjoyed themselves, and so this was a blessing to me. I also had the privilege of being with the senior guys (21 of them) along with Jason H. and Chris M. Thankfully for Jason and myself, Chris was a former marine, so we knew who could be "bad cop" (getting them up in the morning, etc.)...and boy, did that work out well. ;-) Chris had them pretty well whipped into shape...until someone took his Honey Buns, then there were issues -- it was comical. We had a good week. I very much enjoyed getting to know our guys and many of the other campers throughout the course of the week.

A special opportunity presented itself when Jason's dad, John H. was able to come to camp and be with us. John and I have been friends for nearly 25 years, and I had not had the opportunity to spend any significant time with him in a long time. I was grateful to be able to spend some important time talking, sharing, praying together with John over the course of the was a great blessing for our friendship.

There were other good friends at camp and new friends to be made. Saint Carl H. and I were up to our typical camp antics, dressing up Hawaiian, and in Christmas usual, it was a great time. I particularly enjoyed sitting in Carl's Bible class two times. My young friend Kyle R. had some important things to share during class, and I am so proud of how much he has grown in the Lord since his baptism last summer. It was great to meet Carl's mom, Carla, and sister, Anna, who were also at camp. Jordan T. and Lee L. did a good job directing the was a blessing to get to know them better. It was great to see and work with Blan, Sarah, Callie, Karyn, Becky, Jason Ha, LaDara, Ragan and others whom I have known for a few years now. I met so many other terrific people -- Joel, Joy, Sandy, Vale, Rob, Lacreta, Lindsay, Dale, John, Wil, Darla and many others. Each blessed my life in some special way, and I am thankful that to have gained new friends.

I was thankful to have the opportunity to speak during the Thursday evening worship time concerning, "Who is My Neighbor?" from Luke 10. It was an important message concerning how we need to be purposeful in our love for others. It led to a couple of significant highlights of the week for me. My young friend, Cody C., asked me to baptize him following the message, which was such an honor. I am very proud of Cody for his decision. Then, Friday evening a great thing happened, as a young lady, Emily A., asked me to baptize her. I did not know her, but once I had the opportunity to go visit with her and baptize her, we became fast friends...that was a special and humbling time, a tremendous blessing. It is always wonderful when people come to the Lord and give their lives to him...there is nothing more important than this!

I am thankful for special camp experiences that help us and bless us in our walk with the Lord, and I was forever changed because of my connection with the young people and adults at LCCC this summer.

Blessings, Don

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