Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rangers Advance...and Other Playoff News

Friends, much for the Tampa Bay Rays being a team of destiny. I was among those who was concerned that the Rays would carry their momentum into their ALDS series against the Texas Rangers and make life difficult, if not even upset them. Ahhh, but the Rangers were like a tiger lying in wait for its prey, or should I say, Ray. :-) The Rangers pitching was strong enough, despite a bum outing by C.J. Wilson in game one. I believe he will be better in the ALCS. As usual, it was the Rangers bats that carried them. How about that Adrian Beltre? He looks like a pretty decent off-season pick up at this point. His three home runs in the clincher against the Rays is the stuff of legend...and if he continues to hit like this, he might just have a legendary post-season. I wasn't certain going into the post-season, but I do believe the Rangers are hungry. It remains to be seen whether they will be playing the Tigers or Yankees (and this will be determined tonight in game 5 of their series), but either way, I like the way the Rangers are peaking at this time. I hope that they can fulfill heir dream and win the World Series that eluded them last year.

Speaking of series ending games, all three remaining LDS games (today and tomorrow) are going to be game 5s. This could be interesting...and hopefully exciting. I doubt that it will be as exciting as the final day of the regular season...which was only the most exciting day in MLB history, with the Cardinals and Rays getting in to the playoffs and the Red Sox and Braves completing their September collapses. Nonetheless, this post-season is just as unpredictable in so many ways. So far, the home team has won every game in the Brewers/Diamondbacks, it would seem to be advantage Brewers, but anything can happen. The Cardinals have been hanging tough with the Phillies, but I have a hard time not seeing the Phillies advance at home, but once again... The big question that Rangers fans have been asking is -- who would they rather have the Rangers face in the ALCS...the Yankees or the Tigers? The opinion seems to be split. I said that I would rather see them face the Yankees early on in the playoffs, but now, I think the Tigers are less fearsome...but either opponent is going to be tough. All I can say is -- go Rangers!

Blessings, Don

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