Monday, May 7, 2012

An Excerpt Concerning Spiritual Freedom (That Is So True)


I read an article recently by preacher, author, public speaker and friend, Al Maxey that is a very good summary of why people struggle to exit places where they have been bound spiritually.  I can especially appreciate his final two sentences, as I have experienced the same.

Blessings, Don

Here is the message from "Unchained, but Conflicted" --

"A significant aspect of the ministry of any spiritual leader who is involved in proclaiming freedom in Christ is helping those liberated from the bonds of legalism to learn to feel free. Until the reality of their position penetrates their psyche, their inner man may continue for a time to experience the fears and frustrations associated with their former state. Over the decades of my ministry (which is approaching the four decade mark), I have received countless letters, emails, phone calls and visits from people who, although physically removed from the sectarians who had shackled them spiritually, continued to experience emotional discomfort and even despair. While free in fact, they nevertheless didn't yet feel free. It's like the POW who, after returning to his homeland and family, may still find himself looking continually over his shoulder, reacting negatively to certain sounds or smells, and experiencing random moments of terror. Removing one from a source of tyranny is only half the journey to freedom; removing the sense of tyranny from the one liberated is the other half. In my ministry I actually spend more time on the latter than the former."

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