Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jesus to the World


Caleb Bell of the Huffington Post reports..."A Lutheran pastor in Newtown, Conn., has apologized after being reprimanded for participating in an interfaith vigil following the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Rev. Rob Morris, pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church, prayed at the vigil the Sunday following the Dec. 14 shootings alongside other Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Baha'i clergy. Morris...' church and the denomination's constitution prohibits ministers from participating in services with members of different faiths."

I am not picking on his is not the point...because a lot of tribes, including many folks in my own, have the very same attitude. At some point, we are going to have to learn that our sectarian principles, particularly as it relates to the community, only serve to cast a shadow on Christianity and do damage to the cause of Christ. When we display a sense of community it can and will enhance and promote the cause of Christ and the Kingdom of God. We don't have to parse any verbs or discuss any issues in order to be Jesus to others in need and come together in a loving and beneficial way (to help hurting people in the above case).
For some, faulty world views, philosophies based on suspect interpretations have led to attitudes and actions that have little do with the spirit of Christ and are more in line with humanistic reasoning. And we cannot make a difference for Christ with the humanists when we reason on their terms.  But, if we are willing to be led by the Holy Spirit, and live according to the spirit of Christ to those around us who are in need, then the Kingdom of God is able to grow and expand.

Blessings, Don

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