Wednesday, March 13, 2013

World View


Here is some food for thought as it relates to interpretation.  As I read different articles and posts, I am amazed at how so many people can read the same book, particularly the Bible, and come up with so many different interpretations of it. What we call our "world view," "philosophy" or, our personal setting in life (including the sum total of our experiences, our personality and our culture) affects how we view things and it has a profound influence upon how we view all matters pertaining to life and godliness. For some people, the Bible is a set of laws and rules -- truth is the highest priority, whereas for others, the message is about grace and love -- spirit is the focus. It is amazing how closely connected these two concepts really are (see John 4:24) and yet, how they can be so far apart...but only from a human perspective.
As I have shared in other places that going to extremes is what gets us into trouble as it pertains to our interpretation of the Bible and concerning life itself. It almost seems like our human nature cannot help itself...that if one person offers "one side" of an issue or "perspective", that there is also "the other side" or "other perspective(s)" that has to come to be expressed. Everyone has a world view and it is is subjective. Most people fully believe with all their hearts that, "my world view is 'right to me' and no matter what anyone says, nothing external is going to change my mind!" And this is true. Change can only come from the heart and it has to come from yielding, submitting ot the Lord, whatever your perspective might be. Some will say, "I will never change!" This is a choice. Others are very adaptable and are willing to change and to grow. But, it is all a revelation of our world view.
I will say that I believe that some individual's and group's world views are in a better place than others. This is because some people's world views are more open to insight, which I believe is a good thing. I have known both open-minded and closed-minded individuals who are truly good people. Sometimes those who are more "open-minded" are right, and sometimes they are wrong...sometimes the more "closed-minded" are right, and sometimes wrong. As for me and my house, we choose to be open.  I believe that there is a genuine spiritual (and eternal) benefit from being more open-minded in relationship to spiritual concerns, and I will continue to challenge people to adopt such a mindset...while all at the same time seeking to do our best to love and respect individuals' regardless of their particular world views. Blessings...


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