Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Broussard Under Fire


I have been concerned for Chris Broussard since he made his statement in favor of Biblical truth in relationship to the Jason Collins story a couple of weeks ago.  I have thought he might lose his job, which would be unfortunate, because he is one of the better analysts at ESPN.  I want to share the following article from a Huff Post story released today in relationship to the recent Collins story -- "ESPN president John Skipper believes that the network made 'one mistake' in covering Jason Collins' announcement that he was gay. According to Skipper, who spoke with reporters in New York this week, that mistake involved NBA reporter Chris Broussard's comments about homosexuality during a controversial segment of ESPN's 'Outside The Lines.' Just hours after Collins became the first active athlete to come out in any major U.S. team sport, Broussard referred to homosexuality as an 'open rebellion to God.'"  There is more said concerning how disappointed (that is, opposed) the network is with Broussard's statement, but I think the point is understood.

What is taking place in our culture is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to have an "open dialogue" concerning any number of subjects...including a subject that is as complicated as the one in question.  I do believe Chris Broussard has every right to his opinion, and he should be able to express it.  ESPN has a significant bias in this case, which is their choice.  However, it is not a "sin" to take an opposing view and to express those beliefs...even if it is not in line with the political correctness of the network.  This is another example of how far off-center some in our society have become (particularly in the media) in efforts to pursue "reverse discrimination" of those with Christian beliefs, in particular, and any opinion opposed to the "militant opinion" being expressed by any number of special interest groups, in general. As one philosopher has shared..."I may not have a solution, but I certainly can admire the problem." 

Blessings, Don

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