Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Things That Matter


It is amazing how "little things" can make a big difference in our lives. At every level of soccer that I coached, I spent a significant amount of time on drills, especially the first two weeks. We would work on foot controlling the ball, passing, trapping or stopping the ball, moving up and down the field in a tight formation, and many more. On every team, there were always certain ones, whether two or twelve, who would say, "why are we wasting our time on these things - let's just play!" I would encourage patience and persistence, saying "the drills are going to make you better individual players, and therefore, a better team." As we would move past the first few weeks of practice containing the many drills, all of the players would begin to understand the value of what we had done. "Things are coming much more easily now," they would say. And in return, I would say smile and say -- "drills." :-)

It is really no different in any other sport, or even in life itself really. Every day, God gives us little exercises -- spreading some good cheer to someone, giving an extra $10 to some ministry, helping out a needy neighbor, not to mention fellowship, prayer and Bible study. We may not think that things make a difference, but they do. God uses the little exercises...which grows into greater order to impact people and further His kingdom.

Blessings, Don

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