Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Proliferation of a Dangerous Drug


I am sharing this here, because it is something of a controversial topic...not to mention a timely one...but, I feel like some sort of reason, even if it is my own, needs to be interjected into the subject.  As a friend alluded to in a Facebook post earlier, a good, but unfortunate example of the exercising of personal freedom in our country run amok, is the legalization of marijuana.  I am disturbed by the irresponsibility of such actions, as this is only leading us down a path that we are only going to regret one day.  Only a few short decades ago, this was seen as a gateway drug to even more dangerous drugs...but, this has all been reconciled for the sake of money and "freedom"...a "freedom" which is indeed slavery.  There is no greater slave than "addiction" of any kind, and drug addiction is going to continue to cost us dearly as it relates to drug task enforcement, general police enforcement, traffic accidents, and ultimately premature deaths of those who are addicted to the drug as well as those who are innocent.  Not only this, but marijuana has four times the amount of tar as does tobacco (which does significant damage to the heart and lungs), and this in and of itself, is reason to veer away from it...and this, not to mention the effects that it has on the brain.  I only hope that some wiser heads are going to prevail with this one, but my concern is that it is going to gain momentum, because it can and will be energized by people and constituents that have such an agenda as to be certain that it does so.

Blessings, Don

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