Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super QBs


It is Super Bowl week and there is more news and there are more sound bites than anyone can really digest. As usual, there is a lot of discussion about the quarterbacks. Two of the best are playing in this year's big game. There is a a lot of speculation among football enthusiasts that if Peyton Manning wins...that he will be the best quarterback of all-time. I am a big Peyton Manning fan...and he is arguably the most likable quarterback of all-time (although, Terry Bradshaw is right there with him). Before he is done playing, Peyton will likely be the best of all-time, but I don't think we should crown him just yet. I believe that Mr. Montana is still the greatest of all time, to be followed by Tom Brady, and perhaps John Elway. A shout out to Drew Brees, who has yet to win the big game, but has proven himself over the past several years, and is one of the most respected at his position today.

A melancholy adios to Kurt Warner who retired at the end of this past week. The past couple of years have likely cemented his status as a hall of fame quarterback. He was two minutes away from winning his second Super Bowl a year ago, and took teams who were perennial losers, the Rams and Cardinals, to the title game. Kurt has a story that is unrivaled, as he went from being a grocery clerk to the Arena Football League to NFL Europe and, ultimately, to the NFL's Rams. If not for an injury to Trent Green in his first year, Warner may not have ever been given the chance, but the opportunity presented itself and he made the most of it. He led the Rams to two SBs in three years and then was traded to the Giants. This began a multiple year decline for Warner who was thought to be washed up, but then, after coming to the Cardinals a few years ago, was pressed into duty after Matt Leinart was ineffective. The greatest quality about Kurt Warner is his faith. He has led the way for contemporary professional Christian athletes in relationship to being outspoken for the Lord. Undoubtedly, he has been a good example for Christian younger quarterbacks like Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow. Warner could very well have played a few more years, but has decided to leave at the top of his game...and this will surely benefit him in the short term and the long term. We'll miss you Kurt.

Speaking of Tim Tebow...he has continued to be in the news for multiple reasons. He has not been in the Super Bowl, yet, but he could be one day...but, he is, nonetheless -- super. A Christian, he is going to have an ad spot during the Super Bowl where he supports the sanctity of human life. I respect him for this, very much...although he has and will receive some harsh criticism from many...particularly humanists in the media. But, he has not shied away from what he believes is his responsibility as a believer with an opportunity to share the message of the Lord. He has been unfairly criticized, in my opinion, for his Senior Bowl efforts, because he has more pressure on him as he is recognized perhaps the greatest college player ever. He was 8-12, even if for only 50 yards, but Tony Pike from Cincinnnati, whom eveyone is touting as a can't miss, "mechanically sound," prospect was only 5-12 passing. Tebow may not have "the mechanics" that many pro scouts like, as they say he has a longer throwing motion and questionable accuracy(?)...but no one can dispute his will to win. And he is a big time winner. All I can say is that I will take a guy who may not be mechanically perfect, but is a winner anytime...and I believe that Tebow will be a winner in the NFL. All we have to do is go back to the last guy, Kurt Warner, to look at someone who was counted down and out multiple times...and yet, would have the last laugh. Good luck and God bless, Tim...hope you have a long and productive NFL career. Blessings,


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