Monday, March 22, 2010

Infrared Revealed


This fascinating shot contains a large nebula and two galaxies that were fairly shrouded by the Milky Way galaxy until revealed by a new infrared camera now in orbit. The nebula is shaped like a heart...and with some imagination, the heart can be discerned in the middle to right of the photo. The first galaxy appears as a white spiral in the upper left hand corner...and the second is the vibrant blue dot on the left side of the screen (falsely colored by the camera...but beautiful, nonetheless).



Kazul said...

have you seen the how great is our God video by Louis G? It is AMAZING! So is the Star of Bethlehem one. (did I spell that right???)

1 Middle Man said...

I have seen both of these videos...and they are quite impressive. Being an astronomy enthusiast, I particularly enjoyed Louie Giglio's work...