Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mavericks On a Roll


If you have read my sports posts...I do not do NBA messages very often. And when I have, it seems like it has been a lament about my former team, the Sonics moving to OKC. I have not truly been a big basketball fan since Jack Sikma, Gus Williams and the Johnsons were on the floor leading Lenny Wilkens' SuperSonics to NBA Finals appearances in the late 70s. Yet, it is pretty hard to ignore the 13 game (going for 14 tonight) winning streak of the Dallas Mavericks. Every since they made the trade to obtain guard Caron Butler, big man Brendan Haywood, and back up DeShawn Stevenson, they have been unstoppable. If they keep this up, I might just have to become a "fan," which would be saying something. :-) The last team that I found myself "sort of" rooting for was the Spurs teams of David Robinson (terrific fellow and basketball player) in the 90s. My only big hang up in following the Mavs...and I know it's probably blasphemy to Mavs that I am not a fan of Dirk Nowitzki. Nonetheless, I am impressed. I hope that they can ride this momentum into the playoffs. Nothing would make me happier in the sports Spring of 2010, but to have the Mavericks knock the much disliked Lakers out of the playoffs. So, for now, I am on the a degree -- go Mavs!


Addendum...ok, tonight has to be proof from above that I should not be a basketball fan, as the Mavs were spanked by the lowly Knicks to end their winning streak. :-P

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