Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Contemporary Trojan Horse


I knew there was a reason I didn't want Slick Pete, the former USC head football man, to coach the Seahawks, and it just took some time for that reason to be revealed. I don't usually like to report on such matters, but this is just too much to take. I am not really surprised (perhaps, disgusted is a good word) that Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush are trying to come off as the innocent victims in the NCAA scandal involving the Trojans football team. If there was ever a case of not wanting to deal with reality, this would appear to be it. The coaches had been accused of aiding Reggie Bush and enabling him to get a home for his parents, a car for him and other monetary benefits -- illegal according to NCAA rules. The former coach and star running back are precisely why that team is now on a two year NCAA probation and reduction of scholarships. It may take years for USC to recover...and for what? Was the championship and Heisman trophy worth it? It would be interesting to hear if we could get an honest answer. I am writing, not because I am a Trojans fan...but, because it is a sad commentary about what people will do to win at all costs. This disturbs me in the same way as the steroids scandal and the Ben Roethlisberger and Tiger Woods situations. It is an unfortunate time in our society, as many of those with the money appear to want to make and live by their own rules -- they believe they have full entitlement to lie, cheat, steal...whatever it takes to get ahead. Do these folks really not believe that they would get caught? I believe that many athletes and coaches believe it is only cheating if you get caught. This has been an unwritten NASCAR rule for decades. So, the leadership of USC's footbal team thought they could pull a fast one...could slip in some illegal activity...but, as we learned in elementary school -- cheaters never win. I hope that athletes and coaches who are honest, upright citizens will take this time and these teachable moments to say to themselves and to one another -- "it's not worth it." It is so much better to have earned championships and accolades the old fashioned way, as did USC's cross-town legend John Wooden with UCLA's mens basketball team...with honesty and hard work.


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