Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Most Excellent Adventure


I am sharing more of a personal message, as we just had some wonderful experiences on our vacation break that I would like to share. The whole purpose for our vacation revolved around my parents 50th wedding anniversary on June 19th in Wenatchee, WA. Their actual anniversary was on the 17th, and we certainly celebrated accordingly by going out to a wonderful chinese dinner at our family's favorite restaurant. We knew the first week of our break was going to be busy, as we, as well as my sister, Julie (and her boyfriend, Dave) were pulling the anniversary party together virtually from the moment we arrived on Tuesday. It was so worth it! We had over 120 family and friends come and attend King's Orchard Church of Christ's fellowship hall, which was the perfect place for us to have such an event. I want to thank them for their willingness to open up their building for us. We had the opportunity to visit with long-time family friends and church friends from Wenatchee and was all so very special. At separate times, we also had good visits with the Cashmere Church of Christ family, as well as friends, Jerry & Joyce and family, Nora with family and friends. (We had not seen Dan & Beth in some years...and Dan is still just as nutty as ever :-). We also very much enjoyed our visit with our friends Don & Dianna...some very quality time. Finally, we had the opportunity to spend much of one day in Leavenworth, WA...a Bavarian Village replica...nestled in the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains in central WA. I can honestly say that Leavenworth is my favorite place on the relaxing and entertaining...with great attractions and great food. Still, the most important aspect of the trip is that the anniversary party was wonderful to my parents...and this alone made the trip so worth it. We are very grateful for the Lord's blessings that it all came together and went so well.

The second week of our trip took us to Grandview for some rest and relaxation with friends. We got something of a scare as we pulled into town, as we found out that our friend, Mike, was being taken to the regional hospital for possible stroke symptoms. He is still having some tests done to this day, but he does not seem to have any lingering effects from his episode...thankfully! We did enjoy our stay with Mike & Deanna and their children. We also had a nice stay with Toby & Emily and kids, as well. Everyone was so gracious to us, as they set up get togethers with our friends from that area...and we really enjoyed our visits, getting caught up with our friends. Kim & I went up to visit with our friends Pete & Susan, as Pete is struggling with his health and unable to get out much at this time. We wanted to be able to visit with him, and enjoyed our opportunity with him and Susan. I also had the special opportunity, on Sunday morning, to do a double baby dedication. Toby & Emily waited from the time their newborn came in January until we arrived, the last week in June, in order to ask me to be involved in offering up a prayer of dedication for their family...I was truly touched. Our friends Clint & Brittani had their baby just a few weeks ago and we also prayed with them, as well...a wonderful young family. It was a great blessing for our family to be a part of our good friends special occasion and worship with them. Well...that is pretty much it in a very large nutshell. I can't recall a better vacation that we have ever had...and once again, to God be the glory!


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