Monday, August 16, 2010

The Big Four Debut


The four rookie quarterbacks -- Tim Tebow (Broncos), Jimmy Clausen (Panthers), Colt McCoy (Browns), and Sam Bradford (Rams) -- opened to mixed reviews, predictably, in their first preseason games. Tebow is the biggest name with the biggest following. In fact, I don't know that there has ever been a rookie with this much publicity and hype to begin a career...not that he might not deserve every bit of it. He is an impressive human being and athlete. Tebow played the last part of the Broncos game the other night and did reasonably well. He has been roundly criticized for his slow delivery, but he has an iron will and is an undeniable winner. I believe he will, ultimately, be the starter for Denver...and he will be great. Clausen looked good as well. I have to say that I have been skeptical of Clausen, not so much because of his ability -- it is just that Notre Dame has not put out a quality QB since a guy named Montana...and he was pretty good. :-) Clausen may very well supplant first year starter, Mat Moore, not only before the season is over, but perhaps before the PRE-season is over.

All I hear from people, including many friends, is just how terrible Colt McCoy is and is going to be. Well, by golly, he might as well just hang up his shoulder pads right now! I am not buying the negative criticism about him or Vince Young of the Titans, who is also routinely criticized. Where is the love for former Longhorn quarterbacks? Granted Chris Simms is a game or two away from likely hanging it up, but Young and McCoy have been winners wherever they have been and are just getting their professional careers underway. Young, despite his personal struggles, has done nothing but win when he has been the starter of the Titans. And granted, McCoy no longer has Jordan Shipley (who is going to be a good player in his own right for the Bengals), but...he has Mohammed Massaquoi. Who? McCoy threw a couple of picks in his debut -- he has no receivers -- but I believe that he, ultimately, will be fine. It may take a few years, but I believe that McCoy will be a part of turning the Browns into a winner. Finally, it is going to be a long season and career for Bradford, if the Rams do not get him some blocking. Bradford was harassed continually in the Rams opener. The same thing that ruined former Rams starter, Mark Bulger, is going to create problems for St. Louis' rookie quarterback. It will be amazing if his historically fragile body holds up under the pounding that he is likely to receive...but I am pulling for him. These four young quarterbacks may not have the same success as the quarterback class of 1983, but they should represent themselves and their teams well. All in all, it should be a very interesting 2010 NFL season.


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