Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Test of Sincerity


Someone once said, “It makes no difference what you believe, just as long as you are sincere!” Right? Wrong! But, as we have been discussing in our Bible class, the above statement expresses the personal philosophy of many people today. Is sincerity the “magic formula” that makes something true? Well, let’s say that I want to drive from here to Fort Worth…no amount of sincerity will get me there if I am heading the other direction on Hwy 67 toward Brownwood!
Contrary to the philosophy of popular culture, it is not sincerity that makes something true, rather it is truth that is always proven to be greatest form of sincerity. Faith in a lie can have serious consequences, whereas faith in the truth is never misplaced. It does make a difference what we believe.



Cheryl said...

Hi, Don. This is right on! Thanks for sharing it.

Kazul said...

cheering, clap-clap-clap!!!! And it is even more interesting how many of the people who think this way are our age or just a tad younger.