Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Battle for Texas


It was a game they had to win. It is hard to believe that the Dallas Cowboys were staring at some serious trouble (potential to go 0-3) in week 3, but that is preceisely where they were coming into their game against the Houston Texans. Yet, their defense was ready for the task and played as they were supposed to play...they shut down the Texans excellent offense to win 27-13. It didn't hurt that Marion Barber and the running game showed up for the first time this year, either. We'll see if this is the real Cowboys team or if week three was a one hit wonder. I believe that the former will prove to be true.

What is up with the NFC West? It was supposed to be a baaad division...and it is. :-) But, who would have thought the 49ers and Cardinals would be the teams that would be downtrodden and that the Seahawks and Rams would be showing some promise. Seattle beat San Diego, who was supposed to be a strong contender this year and the Rams thumped the Redskins. It will be interesting to see if it holds...we will find out more about Seattle and St. Louis as they face off this week for the first of their two division games. A special note of wonder and appreciation for Leon Washington of the Seahawks. He blew out his knee with the Jets last year, but Sunday ran back two 100 yard kickoff returns. I guess Mr Washington is back...good for him. Meanwhile, this was supposed to be the year that Mike Singletary's crew would rise up and seize this hapless division, but they appear to be the same team of turmoil that they have been for over a decade now.

Whodathunk the Chiefs would be undefeated and on top of the AFC West...or the same for the Bears in the NFC North. But, the real surprise to me is...hold on to your hat...that the Steelers are undefeated and on top of the AFC North(?). We knew the Steelers were going to be their fearsome defensive selves with Polamalu back...but they have won with a different starting QB every week, I believe. This is amazing! What will happen when Big (Formerly Bad) Ben comes back? It could be a big year for the Steel crew.

Speaking of formerly bad...the NFL story of the year and player of the year to this point has to be Michael Vick. He has energized the Eagles (2-1) with amazing play (unfortunately for a Cowboy fan), so I have to tip my hat to him. It also puts off the opportunity for Stephenville resident, Kevin Kolb, to take over the QB helm of Andy Reid's team. He has been a good, supportive trooper for Vick and the team, so hats off to him as well. However, I won't mind if the Eagles lose both of their games to Wade's bunch. :-)


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