Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jay Has His Way


I hear a lot of emotions from Cowboys fans from apathy to concern to panic. I am not ready to throw in the towel on 2010 just yet, even though they are 0-2, but...the road doesn't get any easier after they were picked apart by Jay Cut-it-out-ler and the Bears offense in week 2. Now, they are going up against Matt Schaub and the Texans...whose offense has made the Bears look like some minor league offering. say this is a test for Wade's gang is a significant understatement. If the Cowboys were to fall to 0-3, with a bye week in week four, it may be time to panic...especially with the rumors of a coaching staff house-cleaning. (I wish Jerry would just drop the facade and come down to the sideline and do what he's been doing for 20 years anyway -- coach the team...actually, a little facetiousness there). If Jones does clean house at 0-3, it would truly get interesting then...who would take over? Who knows...but, this is not exactly how the 'Boys envisioned their road to a home Super Bowl.

Texas' other team, the Texans, needed a big comeback and overtime to beat the Washington Shanahans. This could be construed as a good sign or a bad sign...but, if your team goes from a 200+ yard performance from your lead RB one week to a near 500 yard throwing day the next week, the Texans may need to find a better offensive balance. (A little disclaimer here -- Matt Schaub is my fantasy football QB, so from a personal standpoint, I really can't complain about the 497 passing yards and 3 touchdowns :-).

Another big story from week two has to be the quarterback changes by several teams. The Oakland Raiders have apparently already bailed on prize recruit, Jason Campbell, whom Al Davis said was going to be "the second coming of Jim Plunkett." They pulled an ineffective Campbell out of their game against the lowly Rams last week and inserted enthusiastic Bruce Gradkowski, whom last year...and apparently this year...has been able to light a fire under the Raiders hapless offense. We'll see if Gradkowski lasts, as last year he proved to be fragile and was knocked out with an injury. The Browns went with Seneca Wallace who played decent, but he was reportedly in for starter Jake Delhomme because of injury. We'll see if Wallace plays well enough to keep the job. This is apparently, precisely, what has happened in Philadelphia, as coach Andy Reid has chosen to go with Mike Vick as his starter, even though Kevin Kolb (who was anointed starter at the beginniing of the year) is back from a concussion and reasonably healthy. Vick is one of the top five rated QBs in the NFL so far this season, so it has created some QB controversy. The adage used to be that a starter could not lose his job because of an injury, but in the past few years, this philosophy has gone by the wayside. There is just too much money and there are too many other competitive issues for this to take place anymore. Jeff Fisher and the Titans annual benching of Vince Young didn't take long, but hopefully it will be brief for Tennessee's sake, as they really are a better team with Young, rather than Kerry Collins. C'mon, Vince...get your head back in the game again. Finally, it would appear that the Jimmy Clausen era in Carolina is ready to begin. Clausen came in for an ineffective Mat Moore in week 2, and it appears that Clausen is going to get the nod...not that it appears that the Panthers are going to do much this year. We'll see...

Blessings, Don

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