Monday, November 22, 2010

Loss and Gain


It has been a challenging couple of weeks dealing with the illness of a young friend, culminating in her passing last evening. Jamika was at the Foster's Home for Children for a little over a year until July of this year. No one is really certain how or why Jamika ended up her condition for the past few weeks -- in a coma and on a machine to keep her lungs and kidneys operating -- and we will probably never truly know why these circumstances took place. The Lord understands these matters, and it is enough that we understand this -- there is peace in knowing that He is in control. There were a number of people who ministered to her mother from the church and from the Foster's Home, and this was much appreciated. We are also grateful for those who cared for her at the hospital and sought to help her to heal.

We had a special memorial service for her this evening that was attended by about 50 church members, Foster's Home folks and others from the community. We cried and we was good for all of us. We will all miss Jamika, and we are happy that the Lord brought her into our lives...even if only for a brief time. She was a vivacious youth who changed dramatically in the time that she was with us...and for this, we are thankful. We will, likewise, be different...changed for the better because of our association with her.


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