Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Pack Is Back


I love cheese...and I have some love for the Green Bay Packers too. Star QB, Aaron Rodgers, just wouldn't allow the Packers to be denied and led his team to victory 31-25. My greatest disappointment is that I picked the Packers to win 31-24, so the two point conversion by the Steelers messed me The Packers led from start to finish, and at halftime, it looked like they might just run away with it, as they were up 21-10...but the Steelers were not going away easily. It was worrisome for Packer fans to see three of their starting defensive backs head to the locker room in the second quarter...and in fact, it turned out that all-pro Charles Woodson was lost for the game with a broken collar bone. So, with the sullen locker room at half time for the Packers and an angry locker room for the Steelers, one had to wonder what effect it would have on the teams. The Packers did come out flat in the third quarter and the Steelers quickly closed the game to a four point lead for the Packers, and then it was game on from there. Despite some significant drops by wide receivers, Rodgers just kept the Packers offense churning...and along with some timely defensive stops...they were able to turn the momentum back in their favor in the fourth quarter. So, even though the Steelers were game opponents, it just seemed like it was Title Town destiny from beginning to end. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, 2010-11 Super Bowl Champions. And here is a little secret...I don't think it will be the last one for this crew. :-)


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