Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us


An interesting story that relates to a recent post on my other blog...

One winter’s eve over a century ago, Ira D. Sankey the songwriter was traveling by steamboat up the Delaware River. On the trip, he was asked to sing. Afterward, a man with a rough weather-beaten face came up to him. He asked, “Did you serve in the Union Army?” “Why, yes,” said Mr. Sankey, “from 1860-62.” “Can you remember if you were doing guard duty on a bright moonlit night in the Spring of 1862?” Surprised, Sankey said, “yes.” “I was also there,” said the stranger, “but I was serving in the Confederate Army.” I saw you at your post and I said to myself, “that fellow will never get out of here alive.” I stood, concealed in the shadows, while you were exposed by the moonlight. I took up my musket and took aim. Just then, you raised your voice and began singing, “Savior, like a shepherd lead us, be the guardian of our way…” The song stirred up many memories in me…of my youth, and my God-fearing mother singing it to me. As you sang, I took my finger off the trigger, and when you finished, I lowered my rifle. I thought, “The Lord who is able to save this man from certain death is surely great and mighty.”


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