Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chik-fil-A and Real Life


Well, I don't usually posted messages like this...where I have some seriously mixed feelings on a number of fronts.  I do not really care about the politicization of Chik-fil-A -- there isn't anything much good that politicking can't mess it up.  I love all the same time, I do agree with the restaurant chain's belief system, and I respect their right to speak it (even if the world system rails against that right...Jesus said to expect such).  Next Wednesday, I do plan to Eat Mor Chikin.  I am not interested in politicking, being an activist, carrying a pitch fork or what have you.  At the same time, if we cannot speak and live our the right way...what good are they?   It is an interesting balance.  It is disturbing that we do now live in a society that broadly preaches tolerance...that is, except for Christian principles and practices.  Unfortunately, some Christians who have lived a religion of intolerance themselves, rather than love for people, have done much to propogate this intolerance from the world. Jesus could and did love people that were very different from Him, religiously, socially, philosophically, and in every other way.  Yet, He still managed to draw people to Him, rather than reject them.  There is a way to balance the belief and the is up to us to discover the humility and wisdom to be able to do such. 

Blessings, Don

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