Thursday, August 9, 2012

Offense and Forgiveness


I never cease to be amazed at how the Spirit ministers through other believers...

I think it's dreadfully clear that the acid test of real discipleship for Christians is pretty easy to measure.... the amount of genuine forgiveness they issue during their day...... towards those who offend them in some way, or who should know better than to act the way they do, toward the inconsiderate, or rude, or the ones who fail to show proper respect for one's rights or space or dignity...  Jim Roberts

Offence is the bait of Satan. It is the bait he has chosen knowing it is the hardest for us to not take. TOUGH…It is impossible without submitting my will to His will and asking for His power in me to resist the bait. No joke.  Paula Palmquist

Anger, Selfishness, Greed, Discontent, Apathy, Negativity, Grudge Holding....these are the things that tear us down, destroy our relationships with family & friends, and keep us from experiencing the true happiness which LOVE brings. Building and maintaining relationships sometimes can be hard, but losing those relationships can be even harder......Spoken from experience...  Adam Comeaux

If your view of being saved hangs on being right about / doing "everything" right, it becomes harder to repent if you're not / haven't!  If your view of being saved depends wholly on Christ knowing/doing everything right, it becomes much easier to admit when you're wrong...  W. Keith Brenton

Blessings, Don

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