Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Low Can You Go? (Updated)


It is not a pleasant time to be a football fan in the NW, or a fan of NW professional sports this year in general. The Seattle Seahawks, Washington Huskies and WSU Cougars are a combined 3-19. Oh, to be living in the glory days again of Don James with the Huskies and Mike Price with the Cougars...and even up to last year with the Seahawks. At least the 'hawks have an excuse, since they have been decimated with injuries. But, things are compounded by the fact that the Mariners lost 100 games this year... frighteningly like waaaay too much of their history, hearkening back to the 70s and 80s. The biggest blow was that the Sonics vacated Seattle and will begin play this week as the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder. (Didn't see that one coming -- not ;-). Something has to give, right? Well, at least the Trail Blazers are still doing well in Portland. They are no longer the Jail Blazers, having revamped their image. And now they have Greg Oden back this year after he missed all of last year with injury. He is supposed to be the second coming of Bill Russell...except that he is hurt yet again and is beginning to look more like the second coming of Sam Bowie. As if to add insult to injury, ESPN interviewed Sam Bowie about ominous sign. Hopefully, he will be more like the Blazers' Bill Walton, at least as far as his production goes. (Warning: you are now about to enter the satire zone -- why do they even play 82 regular season games in the NBA...we could just do the dozen or so that is necessary to get to the Lakers, Hornets, Celtics and Cavaliers, who are likely going to be the final four anyway, right? :-).

Speaking of Portland...on a seriously sad note, news came out yesterday that Cascade College is going to be shutting its doors after the Spring 2009 commencement. Having graduated from Columbia Christian College, before it reopened as Cascade College, it is unfortunate news, and a huge setback for Christian education in the NW. Thanks goes to OC for sustaining Cascade for the past 15 years, but with the economy and other factors, it made it so that CC could no longer stay operational. I have a lot of great memories of my time spent there and cherish the friends that were made. I thank the Lord that Cascade has made it possible this year for alumni to connect up through their connections website. It has been great to get reconnected with many friends that I had been out of touch with for quite awhile.

At least there is some good news :-)...for the third week in a row, the #1 Texas Longhorns are playing "the game of the century." This week they "lock horns" (pun intended) with the Red Raiders from Texas Tech. Both are undefeated and have the #1 and 2 QBs in the Heisman trophy race. So, it should be an exciting weekend. I am betting that whoever loses the game will still have over 40 points...we'll see.

An update on the World Series...although I have said very little about it (in fact, this is it...after all what is there to say -- it was the Phillies and the Rays (of sunshine) ;-), I have to give a shout out to one of my all time favorite players. Congrats to Jamie Moyer of the Phillies, a long time Mariner who carried the M's pitching staff for a number of years. Jamie is on or around 45 years old, which is like Methuselah in baseball terms. I remember when Jamie came up with the Cubs organization back when I was a late teenager and he has pitched so well for the past 15 years or so. It is just great to see one of the good guys in the game get rewarded for a job well done.



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