Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trouble in Paradise 2


At the beginning of the week, it appeared that all four wheels had come off of the Dallas Cowboys well as the spare. Ahh, but that was before the Cowboys savior came...Roy E. Williams, the wide receiver, not to be confused with Roy L. Williams, the injured defensive back. Speaking of there anyone on the Cowboys who does not have an injury after last week's game? Tony Romo was out with a broken pinkie finger, and now may be back in if he is needed -- and I think that they are going to need him. No big offense to backup Brad Johnson, (who has won a Super Bowl), but if Tony is getting hurt behind the all-of-the-sudden shaky O line, what are defenses going to do to a tree like Johnson? Anyway, back to the injured list...Terrence Newman, Felix Jones and even the poor punter, Mat McBriar are also hurt -- in fact, McBriar is out for the year. Tell me, how often does a punter get put out for the year(?)...crazy. Yes, but UT alum, Williams is back where he belongs...out of that wasteland of a team that is the Detroit Lions. And how do we know that he is the Cowboys savior? Jerry gave up a 1st, 3rd and 6th round draft pick for him. That is nuts. Are we sure this isn't Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss or even our very own T.O.? Roy Williams??? Granted he has gone to the Pro-Bowl in the past, but he hasn't even been the favored QB target on the Lions this year. Nevertheless, I wish Roy all the best...and that he is a Cowboys pro-bowler for many years to come. Speaking of T.O...he says that he is excited that Williams is on the team. Uhh...yeah, but for how long? He may be able to take a defender or two away from T.O as he goes down the field from time to time, but T.O.'s problem has been getting off of the line of scrimmage. He has been getting manhandled of late by physical corners and has not been getting into his routes.'s just a matter of time before the T.O. bomb goes off. And my bet, is that Jerry is hedging his. Maybe, just maybe, he is at long last learning a lesson about bringing troubled players to the Cowboys. With Pacman gone (for good, it appears), I think that with another, younger #1 receiver now on board, it is just a matter of time before the 'boys cut ties with their current #1. I love the Cowboys...but if there was ever a time in the regular season when they needed to step up over the past few years, (last year's playoffs notwithstanding), this is it! We will all know after Sunday's game with the lowly Rams which direction this season is going to go. If they can put it all together in the midst of the injuries and turmoil and make an against the odds run...wonderful! If not, goodbye Wade and hello Jason. The rrrest of the that I have to admit my affections as a Saints lover, as well. (How can a believer not love a team called ...the Saints? :-) As NFL player of the year to this point, QB Drew Brees is second to no one. And no one questions the explosiveness of Reggie Bush. Now, if they can only quit committing foolish penalties and get their defense to play halfway decent, they stand a chance to make a good run, as well. One thing is certain, they ain't the Aints anymore. Blessings,


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