Monday, October 6, 2008

A Matter of Major League Perspective


Playoff time in the major leagues always reveals some biases. It is interesting to note that the Cubs, who were the prohibitive favorites in the NL after having the best record all season, were expected to do well. On the other hand, the Brewers, who barely made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth, were expected to lose to the Phillies. So, here we are a week later and for the second year in a row, the Cubs are gone in the first round -- huge disappointment...unmet expectations...downright failure. And what is so tragic about it is that many were rooting for the Cubs to lose...with the thinking being, after all , why break 100 years of bad karma, etc. The Brewers? They are gone too, but not with the same level of fanfare, disappointment and the like. After all, they weren't really supposed to be there anyway. So, they slink away with the same disappointment and unmet expectations if you are a Brewers fan, but just not the same outcry as with the Cubs. The winners -- Dodgers and Phillies. The Dodgers are the underdog, and the Phillies are the favorite...but should anyone bet against Joe Torre and troops in the playoffs? Yes and no, I suppose. But, once again, win or lose -- even for these teams -- it will be a matter of perspective. My underdog for the year has to be the Rays. As I shared before, once they were able to be rid of the bad influences in their name, they have done quite well. Go Tampa Bay. But, the Angels aren't dead yet either, although they are on life-support, so to speak. But, how can believers not feel pretty good about the Angels, even if you are a Sox fan? :-) Blessings,


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