Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bad News, Good News


Defensive Tackle, Albert Haynesworth is perhaps the best at his position in the NFL. He just signed with the Washington Redskins recently, because the Tennessee Titans, his former team, would not come up with enough money for him to stay. He asked the Titans for a four year $34 million contract and the Titans would go no higher than $32 million for four years. Haynesworth says that he was frustrated and almost took the deal...but is happy that he didn't do it. He said, now he could set up all of his family and kids with what he got and that it worked out pretty well. Ahh...the wealth of riches. I imagine I could muster up some pity for Mr Haynesworth and others like him, but -- no, it doesn't seem to be working. :-) Why quibble over such things...or two million dollars for that matter(?). I am happy for him that he was able to get the deal he was looking for, but as with A-Rod and so many others...we get a bit tired of hearing the sob stories of the rich and famous not getting their extra millions.

On a brighter note...the U.S. Team came from behind in the 9th inning last night to win 6-5 against Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic and move on to the semi-finals in the tournament. The U.S. team has been disparaged and all but left for dead by the sports media who have been saying -- the U.S. professionals are not into this...they have no doesn't mean anything to them...they would rather be in Spring Training. At the end of the game last night there were 25+ guys running out onto the field like a bunch of little leaguers, jumping up and down and dog piling each other out of total excitement for their victory. In the interviews afterwards, the passion for playing for the U.S and the thrill of moving on in the tournament were very apparent...and so, kudos to the U.S. national team of professional ball players and thanks for showing your patriotism in a way that even the media cannot ignore. Blessings,


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