Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Madness


They call it March Madness...and I am sure that it is not all about the weather. :-) In fact, the big NCAA Basketball Tournament gets under way next week following the conference tournaments. I do not really watch much college basketball, and it fact, generally consider it the bane of winter existence...but, it all changes with the round of 65. It is always so unpredictable. Who can forget George Mason making it all the way to the Final Four a few years ago? This is one of the wonderful things about the tournament. A mid-major (conference) team can get hot and make a deep run in the tournament. I am always rooting for Gonzaga, from Spokane, because they have been good for a long time now and always seem to be a lot of folks' favorite mid-major underdog. Also, they seem to be peaking at the right time, so maybe they can get to the Elite Eight or Final would be cool. It would be great if the football schools would be so brave as to have a sixteen team playoff and invite some of the best teams from their mid-majors. If a Utah or Ball State could get hot, you never know. Anyone remember Boise State over Oklahoma? Any national champion should have to earn it...and not have it bestowed upon them because they have had the best record. So...we'll see what happens with the Big Dance. Go Zags. Blessings,


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