Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Great OK Adventure


Some this and that from our little journey over the past few days...

We started out Thursday and stopped at McDonalds (what a surprise, if you know our family...not :-) in Bowie for breakfast. It was only our family until a grandma (I'm certain) and a grandson came in after about 10 minutes. The kiddo was a bit rambunctious (understatement) -- quite vocal, actually. He got his meal and it had a toy car in it. As soon as the meal was in grandma's hands, we heard a broken record of...give me the car, give me the car, give me the car -- you get the picture. Grandma made him sit down to eat, and the chorus of "gimme the car" continued. Grandma said, "you can't have it until after you pray for your breakfast." The kid said, quicker than I have ever heard any prayer, "thank you Lord for this food in Jesus name give me the car." It was funny.

We enjoyed the Tulsa Workshop...many great speakers and classes -- Don, Jeff, Ron, and Patrick among others. We also enjoyed visiting with family. Something struck me while milling around the exchange center with all of the exhibits. I must have a face or demeanor that cries out to exhibitors -- "please stop me and take up a half hour of my time when I come within 20 feet of your booth." This happened...not once, or twice, but thrice. It, too, was rather humerous.

It thundered and rained all day Thursday and Friday, so you would think that we would get a weather break on Saturday so we can have smooth sailing to Dallas, right?...but no. We heard it was actually going to snow -- ha! No way. We went outside at 8 AM...and Kim and looked at each other and said -- look, no snow. That is, until 9 AM, when it started snowing big time...I mean heavy. By 9:15 it was a blizzard that continued most of the day. It was snowing so hard, I couldn't remember the last time I had seen such conditions. It had to be an inch an hour, because when we left at 2 PM, we slogged through many inches to get to the van. Driving in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 28th in a blizzard is a trip, to be sure. We were so glad to get out of the city in one piece, and by the time we were in McAlester, the snow was gone and the precip had turned to rain.

We had a nice visit with our friends in Carrollton. It was nice to see folks at Webb Chapel C of C this morning. They had a good lunch after services, whereby our friend Curtis was flinging chicken (which means serve...but we didn't know it when we first heard it). We thought he was in some chicken throwing contest -- silly us. ;-) So, we finally arrived home this afternoon and prepared for Project Worship -- a wonderful gathering of Christians to sing praises to the Lord this evening. I think that our group was greatly blessed...we all had a good time. Now...back to real life :-) after a few days of wondrous enjoyment. Have a terrific week. Blessings,


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