Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Answered Prayer


I have been thinking over the past few days about the fact that my prayer list stays about the same. No, it doesn't have the same names on it all of the time...the names change. What is amazing is that I think a lot about the names of people I add to the list, but sometimes tend to take for granted the names of people that are taken off of the list. It is not that I have given up on the names of those that are taken off of the list -- it's just that God has answered them. This, in many respects, should not be amazing to me...but it is. It is certainly not that I do not believe that God can answer prayer, because He does it over and over again. What is that He does heal. It may not always be in the way that I think that He is going to do it, but He does what is He is going to do according to His perfect will. This is what makes it wondrous in so many ways.

I marvel at the fact that a man named Mike, who is a friend of my friend Willard, has been healed -- at least for now. Mike has been on my prayer list for many months, because he has been fighting cancer, and at one point a few months ago was in a bad way. His cancer -- pancreatic -- is typically not curable...and yet, Mike's is in remission at this point. God is able to work through doctors and medicines in order to heal sometimes. Other times, He doesn't -- He just heals on His own. Whichever way He chooses to do so is great with is just wonderful when He heals. Sometimes, He provides eternal healing as well. It is all according to His plan and purpose. I just praise the Lord for answering prayer. I don't ever want to take it for granted, but when I take a name off of my prayer list -- simply say, "thank you, Lord -- I praise your name." Mike has been on the thanksgiving list...but, he is off the request list. Amen. Blessings,


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