Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to New Rome


(A minister friend of mine dropped by the office the other day. He wanted to share some concern about the current direction and state of our culture. I know that he was voicing the frustration of many Christians concerning the rampant immorality and growing anti-Christian dogma in our society. Our visit reminded me of an article I wrote in 1994...15 years ago -- well before where we are today. I thought I would look for it, and I found it...which was a minor miracle :-). So, I share the article now in hopes that it will cause us to think...and perhaps seek to make a difference in some way).

Our country is going down the toilet morally. You would think that we would learn a lesson from the Roman Empire and its great writer Seneca, who said..."Rome is a sewer." It is interesting to note that Rome was never wholesale defeated by any army, save for some lost battles at the hands of the Parthians. Rome imploded...collapsed from the inside. Its immorality was the greatest contribution to its fall. And yet, we are no better than Rome, as humanism continues to override Christianity in our country. Abortion, pornography, homosexuality, general immorality and many other sinful, distasteful thing to God are being readily accepted...even by some who would call themselves Christian. There does not seem to be much of a moral majority any longer...for all practical purposes, it is a minority.

If this country is ever going to return to the form that once made it great, it is going to be through godly, moral principles for which many of the early fathers our country stood. If we, as an overall culture, continue to promote ourselves as god, we will likely end up with the same fate as the morally corrupt Roman society. Let's take notice before it's too late. Blessings,


(P.S. Back to the future -- Let's take notice before it's too late).

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