Friday, April 10, 2009

Promise Unrequited


I have been sadly subdued by the passing of Angels 22 year old, rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart. This is such a devastating loss to so, friends, teammates and to the Angels organization. This young man was looking ahead to bright future as a starting pitcher for the Angels, when his life was abruptly ended by a drunk driver early yesterday morning. He had just pitched 7 hit ball for 6 scoreless innings -- the best outing of his young career -- and should have earned his second win as a major leaguer, but for a shaky outing by the bullpen.

Adenhart was typical in the way he came up through the draft...chosen out of Maryland by the Angels when he was 18. He had some success in the minor leagues as well as some injury setbacks. In fact, he had to have Tommy John surgery in order to replace the ligament in his throwing elbow. Nevertheless, he endured and was able to make it to the big leagues briefly last year. He had an unsuccessful outing and then pitched in the minors. He worked hard all winter and had earned the third starting spot in the Angels rotation, in part, due to injuries to some of the other Angels' starters. But, even if they had been healthy, it would have been hard to deny Mr. Adenhart the opportunity, as he just worked his way up and into the lineup. So, this is just one of those things that make a person numb. A young man in the prime of his life with so much promise, who had just had the best major league pitching outing of his life and within is over -- just tragic. Be praying for this young man's family, friends and the Angels organization. Blessings,


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