Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bullwinkle Can't Fly


A disturbing, albeit a warped sort of way...story has come across the newswires today. A 500 lb yearling moose apparently leaped a guardrail on I-95 in rural Maine and fell several yards and landed on a nearby road...unfortunately, the moose did not make it. One motorist called a nearby town to report that "a moose fell out of the sky." It is not every day that you see a moose fall out of the sky...or even a cow (see Raining Cats...and Cows blog from 11/7/07). In fact, I probably wouldn't even write this message had it not been for precedent. :-)

Now, this would have to be startling in every respect...and it brings up several thoughts, as one would expect from me -- especially if you have read the earlier post concerning animals flying who are not supposed to do so. First I log this under miscellaneous or space? Second...wasn't it Rocky the squirrel that could fly? Third...perhaps it is time to fit Maine moose with glasses, or at least get them a road map. Finally...perhaps it is time for all vehicles in the state of Maine to be equipped with a moose, uhh...moon roof. Blessings,


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