Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanksgiving in May


We had such a nice visit with Kim's folks last weekend. When we arrived on Friday evening, they had prepared a full Thanksgiving dinner for us...complete with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and, of course, cranberry sauce -- my favorite. This was very special...and a wonderful blessing. Hey, I will eat a Thanksgiving meal anytime! It was another good reminder to be thankful all of the time, which brings me to some other blessings.

I am really thankful...and humbled by what the Lord is doing with our group. We had 131 yesterday, which by all of our reasoning, doesn't make any sense whatsoever...but it seems to make perfect sense to the Lord, so we just keep on being thankful. We had our appointing, recognizing of deacons and ministry leaders yesterday...and it gives me a great sense of peace to have so many wonderful, quality people who will be working together to help us continue to organize effeciently, and therefore be effective. One of the funny, little things that comes from all of this, is that we cannot keep the directory up to soon as we think we have a final copy -- nope. :-) We don't even really know who is with us, yet. We had about a dozen go with us to our last Rangers game and Christian concert last fall. We are going to have 77 go with us in a week and a half. This is so cool in so many ways.

I just ask for your prayers for wisdom that we will be able to make good, positive decisions based upon what the Lord wants for us...and not some earthly temptation to wisdom that may seek to introduce itself. Blessings,


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