Thursday, May 14, 2009

Raining Cats...and Cows -- Revisited


I am rerunning the story about the cow from Nov. 2007 so folks don't have to dig through the archives to see it. Here it is, in essence...

An hour north of my hometown of Wenatchee is the town of Manson on Lake Chelan. The story is told today in the FW Star-Telegram of a couple driving back to their hotel in this area when a 600 lb cow falling at 76 mph landed on the hood of their mini-van. The cow apparently had fallen 200 ft off of a cliff over the road. The couple, on a trip from Michigan, were frightened but fortunately were unhurt. Unfortunately, the cow had to be euthanized.

However...for the sake of pondering, this story has brought to mind questions for friends and family. We have to wonder what this cow was thinking??? One person wondered if the cow jumped off or was pushed. Hmm. Someone else wondered if this cow was auditioning for a chik-fil-a commercial. Yet, another thought perhaps it was looking for the cat and the fiddle and strayed a bit off course (?). Since Em is starting Algebra, I thought it would provide a good equation. If a 600 lb cow falls 200 ft at 76 mph (how on earth they figured this is beyond my math capabilities), how many feet per second would the cow be falling? Perhaps there is another reason for this event (?). If you have another reasonable explanation, please feel free to offer...blessings,


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