Monday, June 15, 2009

Stargate Update


I had the opportunity to watch the two Stargate movies that came out in the past year -- Ark of Truth and Continuum. They both lasted about two hours...and neither turned out as I expected. If you have not seen them and are intending to do so, do not read any further, as there are some spoilers. The first movie, Ark of Truth, attempts to tie up all of the loose ends with the story concerning the Ori and the Ancients. I guess I had my expectations up for some great plot and huge climactic battle, but it never materialized. In fact, I would say that the movie was slightly hokey, rushed and something of a let down...I would give it a B- if I had to grade it. On the other hand, Continuum was an attempt to settle an old score with the last of the systems lords, Bal. I had just the opposite feeling about this movie. I expected the same old parallel universes, predictable theme and plot kind of story...and this is not what happened. Even though it did take you on the parallel universe tack, I thought it was creative, had good action and several plot twists. But, then, I like parallel universe stories. All in all, I would give it an A-.

The jury is still out on Stagate Universe, of course, the new series due to come out in a few months. It stars Robert Carlyle and Lou Diamond Phillips. After some initial excitement about a new Stargate series -- even one with something of an ST Voyager theme -- I have some concerns. After reading reviews and seeing some previews, it would appear that the series is going to lower itself to the level of many of the over-sexed shows on television today...appearing to be similar in spirit to the Battlestar Galactica series. I hope that this is not the case. My greatest dream for the series is that there would be fresh new ideas from writers and not the same old retread concepts one sees from all of the ST series and previous SG series -- but then, just how much can be done with the sci-fi genre as we know it? I guess we will continue to see. Blessings,


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