Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Will There Be Magic?


The Team -- No. Don't think the Magic can overcome Lakers home court advantage. Also, how many times do we see the team that lost in the finals the year before come back and win it next year?...excepting the Buffalo Bills, of course. Besides, Kobe is on a mission. And don't believe a cotton picking thing he says about it not being about winning a championship without Shaq. This is EXACTLY what it is about...pride and ego. This is why I can't stand him...or the Lakers. I didn't mind the Lakers of old, but there are too many primadonnas playing today. Speaking of which, I have a whole lot more respect for LeBron, but...he did disappoint by not showing up to shake hands and do the expected media interviews following the Cavs semifinal ouster -- be a better sport next year, win or lose.

The Horse -- maybe...the odds are 2-1, but I am betting against Mine That Bird and Mr Calvin's opportunity for a jockey triple. There have been too many losses in the Belmont over the years by horses that were favored. I don't believe the filly would have fared any better. Hate to be a kill joy, because I hope MTB does win it for Borel...but doubting it.

The Player -- YES! This has got to be Roger Federer's year to win the French Open and get the monkey off his back. Nadal is gone, Djokovic is gone...he beat up on Monfils, who beat Roddick the other night in the, this has got to be his year, doesn't it? If he can pull it off, Federer will tie Sampras for most Grand Slam wins (14) and do something that Sampras never could -- win one on the clay of Roland Garros. This would have to make Federer the best of all time, with due respect to Agassi, Borg, Lendl, Laver...and Sampras. Blessings,


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