Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Have You Done For Me Lately?


It has become somewhat rabid...if you are a pro sports coach. Win today, for you may be gone tomorrow. It is not about next year anymore, it is about this week. Mike Brown led the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team to a team best 58 wins and was even named coach of the year. Yet, he did not do his best job in the playoffs and the Cavs lost to the Orlando Magic. A couple of days ago someone wrote an article somewhere...this is all it the effect that Mike Brown could or should be fired. It took about a millisecond for ESPN and all other networks to pick up the story and run with it. Who says the media doesn't drive sports? Now, I doubt that Mike Brown is going to be fired this year...but a slow start next year or early playoff exit, what with LeBron and all the hype -- and he's a goner. Still, all it takes is some folks getting on the media driven publicity bandwagon for a coach to get run real quick-like. Professional sports has truly become a pragmatic society in every respect. I appreciate what you did for us yesterday, but it ain't working long. Thankfully, there are some franchises, like the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers, MLB's St Louis Cardinals, and others who value longevity, and it pays off over time. Patience, patience! :-) Blessings,


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