Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do We Know the Bible by Heart?


In His book, “Taking the Guesswork out of Applying the Bible,” Jack Kuhatschek says…while studying in the Holy Land, a professor of mine met a man who claimed to have memorized the entire Old Testament…in Hebrew! Needless to say, the astonished professor asked for a demonstration. A few days later, they sat together in the man’s home – “Where shall we begin?” the man asked. “Psalm 1,” replied the professor, who was an avid student of the Psalms. Beginning with 1:1, the man began to recite, from memory, while the professor followed along in his Hebrew Bible. For two hours the man continued word for word without a mistake, as the professor sat in stunned silence. When the demonstration was over, my professor discovered something even more astonishing – the man who had accomplished this great task claimed to be an atheist! Here was someone who knew the Scripture better than most Jews or Christians ever would, and yet, he didn’t even believe in God! This is not exactly what the Lord had in mind in giving us His Word. It is one thing to know the words in God’s Word in your head…it is quite another to study with an open mind and spirit so that they impact your heart! We Christians have a great responsibility to truly know the message of Jesus Christ that is found in God’s Word and make it our own. Blessings,


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