Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Year in QBs


Tis the, not that season yet, although it is getting closer, but...are you ready for some football? Here in these parts of Texas, football is BIG stuff. One can't talk football without talking about the guys that make it happen on the filed -- the quarterbacks. I have been a football fan since I can remember...and that would have to be about Super Bowl III with the Jets and the Colts...and yet, I can't remember a time when quarterbacks were such big news. I mean, there have been a lot of good college and pro QBs over the year's, but never have so many been so big and so in the news as in recent years.

I want to start with the pros. This would have to begin with Brett Favre and Michael Vick...they have only dominated about 80% of the sports news all summer anyway, so might as well continue talking about them. Favre has gotten a bum rap from a lot of people for his retire, rehire, retire, rehire shenanigans, but the man can play. I think he can still play...which is pretty remarkable for a guy who is almost forty, played 260+ games in a row and taken all of the hits he has. He IS the epitome of the tough guy QB, out of the Johnny Unitas mold. I don't blame him for changing his mind, when he can still play...but we'll see if he will ever really be able to truly retire -- I doubt it...I think they will have to drag him off the field. Vick has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Although many folks have had a lot of problems with what Mike Vick perpetrated, he has done his time in prison and should be allowed to play again. He needs to keep his nose, here's hoping he can do so. I will say this...the idiots from PETA need to get a real life and quit making trouble. We all know what he did, and it was, leave him alone and allow him to get on with his life. Everyone deserves a second opportunity. Will Romo be able to carry the Cowboys? We'll see...I am saying, "yes," and that they will win their first playoff game in over a decade. Aaron Rodgers will continue to improve. Matt Hasselbeck will be the comeback player of the year and Jay Cutler will excel with the Bears. How will rookies Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez do? I think that they will hold their own.

On the college level, there is news a plenty. Who will win the Heisman? Will it be Tim Tebow for the 2nd time? And, will he lead Florida to its third title in five years? It would be a good bet. How about Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford? It is truly up in the air. My choice is Jevan Snead, from Stephenville and now playing for the Ole Miss Rebels. He has been playing in a pro-style offense, similar to that of Matthew Stafford who was the first pick in this year's NFL draft. I believe he could come out of nowhere to do it, and here's hoping the local guy makes it happen. Blessings,


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