Monday, September 28, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 3


Week 3 Update...
The Good: Colts (I appear to owe Mr. Manning & Co. an apology on my prediction that Indy would stink :0); Saints (No Brees, but RB Thomas running like a "Gale" Sayers); Jets (The maturation of the Sanchize right before our eyes..."D" is still not too bad either); Brett Favre (The ancient one just keeps on doing amazing things); Vikings (A + B = W); Ravens (The second coming of Willis); Bengals (Save for a fluke, would be 3-0); Bears (Johnny comes lately and is coming on strong); Giants (Eli is earning his greenbacks); Kevin Kolb (Donovan who? Well...we S'ville folks would love that, but probably not yet); Eagles (Nothing like the Chefs to get a team back to feelin' good.); Matthew Stafford and the Lions (Good for for one week and one week only).

The Ugly: There is no bad this week -- just ugly! I don't know if I have ever seen THIS much ugly this early in a season. Lambs (Can't lose your two starting WRs and QB and expect good things to happen...bummer); T.O. (Hahahahahahahaha!); Larry Johnson (Hey...didn't you used to be Larry Johnson?); Redskins (JZ is one of my heroes, but he had better dust off his resume after losing ugly to the Lions); JaMarcus Russell (35 %? C'mon are an NFL quarterback!); Commitment to Excellence :-p Team (See JaMarcus Russell); Byron Leftwich (O-fer the game...practicially handed the starting job and gives it away in week 3); Bsucs (See Byron Leftwich); Brownies (Again...BQ is the answer? Nope -- doesn't just looks like Rick we know that he IS Rick Mirer).

The Bummer To Be You Award: Chad Pennington -- Probably done forever, which is too bad.

Super Bowl: Saints vs. Sinners...not really -- Colts
Stupor Bowl: Bsucs vs. Brownies


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