Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -- 2009 NFL Week 2


Week 2 Update...
The Good: Saints (Second best offensive point total in history after two games...they make it look like a Brees); Ryans (Matt looks like Peyton Manning, Rex looks like the Staypuff Marshmallow Man...but, boy can he coach up the "D" -- keep calling those J-E-T-S fans, Rex); Falcons (See Ryan, Matt); Vikings (See Adrian Peterson run, and run and run...how's that new team working for you Brett?); Ravens (He won't take no Flacco, just dish it out); Jets ("D" backs up the smack talk); Bengals (Bungles-No-More...Chad's Lambeau Leap wins him back some fans...and it helps that he looks like the receiver of old, too); Bears (Cutler makes the trade look good for da Bears this week); Giants (Plaxico who?); Chris Johnson (197 yards rushing...why don't they just let him run the wildcat too -- sheesh!).

The Bad: Tony Romo (Oh, Romo, Oh Romo...wherefore art thou?); Eagles "D" (Sadly, seriously seems to be missing Jim Johnson); Steelers "O" (Gots to find a running game); Chefs (No home cookin for them...how 'bout cooking up some "O"?); Lions (Stafford needs to throw to Megatron on every down); Jags (Looks like more blackouts looming), Bucs DBs (Making every QB look spectacular so far); Chargers DBs (See previous reference); Packers (Not supposed to lose these games at home).

Ugly: No "D" for Titans or Texans makes some FFL owners very happy; Redskins over Lambs...9-7...sure this wasn't the Natinals and Cards? Couldn't be -- the Natinals could never score this many runs in a game; Patriots (Think Josh D might come back and coach up the old "O"?...Nope), Browns (So BQ is the answer?...looks more like Rick Mirer than Joe Montana),

Hyde to Jekyll award -- Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub and Jake Delhomme...Jekyll to Hyde award -- Tony Romo and Tom Brady (Yikes!)

Super Bowl: The "D" wins championships SB -- Jets vs 49ers
Stupor Bowl: Lambs vs. Brownies

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