Monday, September 21, 2009

Tony Is Not the Answer -- Yet


Tony (Don't Call Me Romeo) Romo found his December ways in September last night against the Giants. To say this is a disappointment would be an understatement, because this is a game the Cowboys clearly should have won in front of the NFL record 105, 000 fans at the new Jerry Dome. I don't want to say that Romo was terrible, but he was awful :-) ...1 TD and 3 pics (granted, one of them was a fluke, but the pass was poorly thrown). Once again (and again, and again), I have to question if he is the guy to lead the Cowboys to the playoff promised land...the jury is STILL out. It just seems like he is shrinking violet in the games that he really needs to be the BMOC...that he may have been paying too much attention to the press clippings that were talking about the Giants having, perhaps, the greatest front four in NFL history -- just the kind of news to send a shaky QB off to "psych out land." This can all be forgiven and forgotten if he really does learn, but it is awful hard to change personalities and the synapses in the brain. Some QBs -- see Brett Favre, Johnny Unitas -- just have had that I-Don't-Give-A-Rip-What-You-Think-Because-I-Am-Going-To-Kick-Your-Tail mentality, and others are more like Dave Krieg of the Seahawks of old, who could look like Dan Marino one week and Dan Aykroyd the next. There seems to be a correlation between the small college QBs that make it big -- see also Jon Kitna -- and those who play for USC, Miami, or Michigan. Those on the bigger stage seem better able to handle the glare of the spotlight. It's time to quit apologizing to the media and Cowboy fans for yet another forgettable performance and make something positive happen for a long stretch...preferaby through the Super Bowl. Oh well...things could be least we don't have the Raiders' Russell throwing and completing 30 some percent of his passes. So ends the arm chair quarterback's assessment. :-) Blessings,


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