Monday, September 7, 2009

Things I Haven't Considered About Space


For all of the wonderful things that astronauts see when they travel up through the atmosphere and out into space...there are some things that I just had not considered. For one thing, the shuttle astronauts were not prepared for smell of space. This is not something that had ever even occurred to me...that space would have an odor. They say that there is an odd tang in the air...and it is not tang -- it is apparently from outer space. After astronauts come in from their spacewalks there is a distinct smell of space on their space suits. It's not like anything that anyone has ever smelled before. It is described as something akin to gunpowder or ozone. The sounds of spaceflight have also been surprising, especially when Discovery fires up its large maneuvering thrusters. Discovery's seven-astronaut crew is in the middle of a 13-day mission to deliver fresh supplies and new science gear to the space station. All of the changes that have been made to the station over the past few years are truly a marvel. Recently, they have added a new solar array and some new modules. The space station itself is due to be completed in a couple of years. Blessings,


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