Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Proliferation of Explicit Materials and Personalities


It is with significant sadness that I offer this commentary. The mainstreaming of immoral values continues to grow at an alarming rate. One does not have to look very far, as we are daily inundated by commercials and news in relationship to the subject at hand. The headlines on many of the ISPs...AOL, in particular...offer repugnant news that, at one time...and at best, could only be discerned from tabloids at the news stand. Hugh Hefner is now a mainstream commercial personality...and in one recent commercial, crows about how he likes "so many choices." We get inundated by former playboy bunny, Kendra Wilkinson, and NFL wide receiver, Hank Baskett's relationship and marriage...which prompts the question -- who cares? Well, obviously some people do...or it wouldn't be such big news. Sometimes, the influence of the world is much more subtle, as some schools are offering sexually explicit materials as "literature" in order to "educate" their students.

The interesting, albeit disturbing, thing is that much of this is couched within the purview or even "world view" of Christianity. Many of these folks who would offer or espouse these immoral views believe that their perspective is within what Christ would say is "acceptable." This is not the value system of the Jesus I read about in the Word...the world's perspective of Christianity couldn't be further from the truth. Nevertheless, such is the "blending" that takes place when the immoral base of society comes to the has been so, even throughout history. Many societies that have been decidedly anti-Christian have claimed to be Christian in scope and purpose.

The abnormal of society has become the norm, which, not long ago, was about respect, wholesomeness and love...but, has given way to disrespect, immorality and lust. We can see where previous societies in history have gone (away) who have allowed this to become the base value system of their society. If we follow the consistency of the historical is not a matter of if but when. Blessings,


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